Loyal, kind and always there for you – there’s no better coworker than man’s best friend. Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day with this hilarious collection of photos of pooches taking care of business.

Pomeranian on top of desk in office
Boris the Pomeranian makes himself comfortable atop a desk in this office. (Photo: John Lambert Pearson/Flickr)

This little pomeranian knows his way around the office!

“He'd run around and greet everyone, bark if anyone left, chase people around, nap on the table, and vie for attention when we were looking at plans,” Flickr photographer John Lambert Pearson said in the photo’s description. (Personally, we wouldn’t mind having this little guy around!)

Bulldog napping on floor in office
This bulldog inspires workers to take a chill session during the busy workday. (Photo: Brains on Fire/Flickr)

Some dogs motivate you to work harder; others inspire you to take a nap. This bulldog knows how it’s done!

Cocker spaniel wearing tie
Sporting a slick tie, this cocker spaniel gives the boss a run for the money. (Photo: Tine Steiss/Flickr)

Some offices insist on business formal dress, and dogs are no exception. This cocker spaniel looks dapper – but none too pleased – in his patterned tie.

French bulldog wearing sweatshirt
Dogs are also great at sporting the casual-cool look. (Photo: Team Mendeley/Flickr)

This little guy was lucky enough to get to visit on casual Friday.

Doc in doctor outfit
What seems to be the problem? Dr. Dog is here to help. (Photo: Lulu Hoeller/Flickr)

Uniforms required? No problem. We’re professionals, after all.

Beagle implores owner to go on a walk while at work
Oh, sorry, were you in the middle of something? (Photo: Jeremy Keith/Flickr)

Dogs are also great at reminding us when it’s time for a break. No excessive screen time for this worker!

Dog rests his head on a coffee table at an office
The workday can drag on for dogs, too! (Photo: nate bolt/Flickr)

Like kids on Bring Your Child To Work Day, dogs can get bored at the office.

Frenchie lays down with bones and ropes
Toys can occupy pups – and they also inspire you to take a break for a little play time! (Photo: Patrick G/Flickr)

You can fight off the boredom with toys This Frenchie is cozied up with a wide selection of things to chew on!

Little chihuahua sits in office
Pups never have to worry about fitting in! (Photo: Jonathan Leung/Flickr)

Let’s face it: dogs have it much easier on their first day on the job. This little Chihuahua looks right at home on his perch.

Cute little dog rests paws on desk
You could save a lot of money on office decor if you just brought your adorable dog in! (Photo: Eric Skiff/Flickr)

Another perk of bringing dogs to the office is the continual interruptions by insanely cute pups.

A puppy snuggles with its owner at work
Who wouldn't be inspired to work harder with this little guy rooting you on? (Photo: Iain Farrell/Flickr)

If you’re lucky enough to come across a puppy on Take Your Dog To Work Day, you’ll be able to enjoy some productivity-boosting cuddles.

Dog sits on floor in office
Shag rug or shaggy dog? The correct choice is obvious. (Photo: Sean Hagen/Flickr)

Dogs are also a great alternative to rugs — and much more adorable.

Dog looks out office window
A loyal security system – and lovable, too! (Photo: Juhan Sonin/Flickr)

Not to mention a buddy to look out for you and your coworkers.

Husky rolls around the ground in an office
This husky is quick to assume the role of Office Clown! (Photo: Abraham Williams/Flickr)

And when you take yourself too seriously at the office, dogs put things in perspective.

Pit bull sits in office chair at desk
"I'm still waiting for you to send me those files, John." (Photo: John O'Nolan/Flickr)

And who knows? Before long, you may have a permanent canine coworker!

LIttle black puppy naps on office floor
It's been a hard day's night, and he's been working like a dog! (Photo: Dru Kelly/Flickr)

Need a reminder that it’s time to go home? Puppy snores ought to do the trick.

Black dog gives meaningful stare
"It's 5:01, James. You promised me a car ride." (Photo: James Lee/Flickr)

But beware – if you stay past 5 o’clock, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a disdainful stare.