If you're a regular reader, you know that I'm a big fan of dogs (and cats.) They are loyal companions for your kids, petting them helps lower your blood pressure, they let you know when a stranger is at the door, and they often help to keep the whole family fit. Pets add richness to your life, and dogs — in particular — rarely ask for anything in return.  

Of course, they do require a bit of care and feeding. Depending on the species, that could make a big difference in your wallet — and your free time. But if you have the energy and the extra funds to care for a dog, you might want to consider bringing one home.

Here are 38 great reasons why you might want to adopt a dog:

Benefits of Owning A Dog infographic
38 benefits of owning a dog
Thinking of adding a dog to your family? Research shows it's a good idea for your health — and the health of your kids.