Come on, admit it.  You had to know this day was coming.  Cats have owned the Internet since day one. The cat-centric site I Can Haz Cheezeburger skyrocketed in popularity pretty much the minute it was launched.  Grumpy Cat and Venus the Two Faced Cat are household names.  And cats even have their own social media site on Catster (I kid you not.)

So it's no wonder that a cat food brand has released its list of 50 most influential cats.  The only surprise is that it took someone so long to do this. 

The Friskies 50 hails itself as the 'definitive list of cat influencers,' across the web.  How did they determine who made the cut?  The list was apparently compiled by an algorithm using each cat's social media reach, engagement across various social platforms, and mentions in traditional news outlets.

Here are the top 20:

1 Grumpy Cat

2 Sparta & Loki (Mean Kitty)

3 Shironeko

4 Lil’ Bub

5 Nylah Kitty

6 Oskar & Klaus

7 City the Kitty

8 Henri Le Chat Noir

9 Colonel Meow

10 Venus the Two Faced Cat

11 Nala

12 Hamilton the Hipster Cat

13 Roku

14 Maru

15 Luna The Fashion Kitty

16 Winston

17 Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat

18 Pudge

19 Tommy, Gracie, and Leo

20 Zeus the Serval

For the complete list, you can check out the Friskies 50 site. To see some of these cats in action, you can also check out our list of 10 cats made famous by YouTube.

Think you know a cat who deserves to be on the list?  You can nominate your feline friend on the site as well.  The Friskies 50 will be adjusted monthly, so who knows -- your kitty may just climb up the charts. It's better than climbing up the curtains, right?

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