Last month, a tiny French bulldog showed two bears who was boss when she bravely chased them away from her home. The entire scene, including the bears jumping over the fence in terror, was captured on camera and shared around the world. But Jewels — this courageous canine — isn't the only pet to show amazing bravery in the face of danger. Here are six sweet pets that are tougher than they look.

1. Jewels, the ferocious French bulldog, chases two bears.

2. This brave kitty showed no fear when a nearby bear got a little too nosy.

3. And this intrepid cat takes things one step further, chasing a bear halfway up a tree!

4. Not many animals will stand up to a polar bear, but the huskies in this video were not impressed by the world's largest and deadliest bear.

5. Then there's this super-tough cat named Mugsy, who protected his family from a pair of curious alligators.

6. And don't forget about this amazing housecat whose quick thinking and brave action saved her family's little boy from a dog attack. The ferocious feline, Tara, saved 4-year-old Jeremy from an unprovoked attack by a neighborhood dog.

6 family pets that redefine courage
They may look small, but these dogs and cats are brave when it counts.