It's time for your feel-good pet video of the day. This one's animated, but if you have a dog, or know a dog, or simply know that dogs exist, you can imagine that if a canine could really do this, he would.

How adorable is that? My son and I were cracking up when we watched it -- over and over. This clip is from the trailer for next summer's "The Secret Life of Pets." From the preview, it looks like the movie is all about what our pets do during the day when we're not home. I know what my dog does. He drags anything that smells like his family into the middle of the living room -- hoodies are his favorite thing -- and lays on them until we get home. He doesn't chew on them or do anything to destroy them. I think he does it to soothe himself when we're not around.

I don't go to the theater to see too many animated movies, but I think we'll be going to see this one.

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