In the past, I’ve featured a handful of fetching, eco-friendly pooch pied-à-terres — check out the Houndstooth Dogtent and Greenrrroof Animal Homes — but this DIY doghouse design from Etsy seller Fibrillaria takes the cake when it comes to the interesting use of natural materials.

For $6, Hungary-based Fibrillaria will send you a step-by-step guide on building a durable earthen doghouse constructed from just straw, clay, and horse or cow manure. It obviously helps if you have easy access to a big pile o’ manure (which farm-based Fibrillaria apparently does).

This doghouse won’t appeal to Paris Hilton-minded dog owners but it’s quite striking looking … its conical shape falls somewhere between anthill and teepee. These "Canine Hobbit Homes," as the folks over at Trend Hunter call them, are also well insulated, keeping pooches cool during the summer and snug during the winter months. Fibrillaria has designed it to accommodate two mid-sized dogs and even a few pups.

Plan on building your own backyard doghouse? Would you ever consider ditching the wood and nails for cow manure and clay?

Via [Trend Hunter]

Photos: Fibrillaria

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A DIY dung doghouse
Etsy seller Fibrillaria is sharing the secret recipe for a build-it-yourself doggy dwelling for all seasons: Clay, straw, and cow manure.