Jeannette Haskins was en route to visit her daughter and granddaughter when a wrong turn almost cost her her life. The 87-year-old was lost in the woods for three days, and during the ordeal, her cat panicked and ran off into the woods. Haskins didn't think she would ever see her beloved pet again, but thanks the tenacity of her daughter, her furry friend is finally back home where he belongs.

It was earlier this summer when Haskins, a New Jersey resident, embarked on a road trip to visit her daughter and granddaughter in Maryland. Haskins was driving along rural roads when she took a wrong turn and became lost. Before long, her car got stuck in the sand and Haskins — who had her cat Mokey with her in the car — became stranded without any food or water in 100-degree weather.

The elderly woman looked and called for help but couldn't find anyone in the area, and her cellphone was dead. To make matters worse, when she opened the car window for air, Mokey jumped out and ran into the woods.

Fortunately for Haskins, she was rescued more than 48 hours later by a Army National Guard battalion that had been training in the area. Soldiers from Massachusetts Army National Guard G Co. 186th Brigade Support Battalion told CBS News that they were surprised to find Haskins alive.

“She told us she was preparing to die. She was laying in the backseat and she had (given) up,” PFC Aaron Amardey-Wellington said.

Amardey-Wellington and his fellow soldiers administered first aid to Haskins and rushed her to a hospital. She was alive and safe.

But her heart was broken by the loss of Mokey.

Haskins' daughter, Barbara Baker knew how much Mokey meant to her mother, so she kept looking for the cat for weeks after the incident, setting out traps and food in the area where her mother had been stranded. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Baker trapped five stray cats before she found Mokey. And when she did find him, her mother insisted she bring him to her that night.

"She got down here at 2 a.m. with him, and as soon as he got out of the cage I knew it was Mokey," Haskins told the Chronicle. "He ran right to me and started rubbing his head against me. Now, he just will not leave me alone. He wants to be on me every minute."

Mokey's identity was confirmed when the vet checked his micro chip. The cat's checkup revealed that he'd lost weight and picked up a bad case of fleas, but other than that, he was in remarkably good shape.

Mokey and Haskins are now happily reunited at their home in New Jersey.

After being lost in the woods, cat and elderly owner are reunited
87-year-old miraculously found after 3 days, but Mokey the cat spent a month in the woods. Now, they're both safe and sound.