We've all seen them before.  Those sad and pathetic animal shelter ads featuring lonely-looking pets with sorrow in their eyes just begging to be adopted.  They may pull on our heartstrings at the moment, but are they really effective?

That was the question one animal shelter recently asked of themselves.  And they were not satisfied with the answer.  

In an effort to think outside the cage, Australia's Lost Dogs Home launched their Human Walking Program.  The idea behind the program is to help get office workers out from behind their desks and into some fresh air.  The home is providing the dogs that are available for walking and petting so that office workers can de-stress on their lunch breaks.  

From the Lost Dogs Home website:

"Feeling stressed and penned in your office cubicle? When was the last time you left the office to get some fresh air, let alone left your desk? Well, you’re not alone!"
The first Human Walking event was held in early April and was met with such success that the home plans to hold additional events in the near future.  The event attracted the attention of 300 Australians who came out to be walked by dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments.  As expected, adoption rates went through the roof.  The Lost Dog Home staff were thrilled to see that their charges decided to adopt so many humans.

Here's more (try not to get all misty-eyed by those sad office workers' eyes):

Animal shelter's new program turns adoptions on their tails
The Lost Dogs' Home Human Walking Program reached out to office workers in need of some fresh air, and saved hundreds of dogs' lives in the process.