Surreal shelter dogs

All photos: Sarolta Bán

It's no secret that a good pet portrait may increase the chances of a shelter animal getting adopted. Hungarian digital artist Sarolta Bán is taking this concept a step further with her latest project, "Help Dogs with Images."

In hopes of shining a light on shelter dogs around the world, the 31-year-old Photoshop aficionado from Budapest is on a mission to transform run-of-the-mill shelter photos into whimsical digital manipulation masterpieces.

Here's a look at just a few of the dogs that have been spotlighted as part of Bán's project.

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This 1.5-year-old Labrador mix from the city of Wyoming, Minn., is the most recent success story from the project. Thanks in part to the beautiful image above, Tucker has officially been adopted from the Northwoods Humane Society.

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Bounder the shelter dog


Currently living at a shelter in Kent, Wash., Bounder is neutered, up to date on shots and great on a leash. Although this male Labrador mix is a senior, he still has plenty of energy and will require a secure yard to frolic around.

If you would like to adopt this handsome pup,
find more information on the Facebook page for Bounder's image.

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Meiko the shelter dog


This adorable pit mix was rescued from an abusive home by his current foster parent, Syrena, in San Diego. Due to his tragic past, Meiko is skittish and shy (especially around adolescent boys and adult men), but otherwise, he is very friendly and lovable. He also happens to be excellent with other pets, including cats!

From information on how to adopt Meiko, visit his website.

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Shelter puppy in Thailand


This precious puppy is just one of many abandoned dogs living in temples converted into animal shelters. Working in partnership with the Care for Dogs Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Hand to Paw Temple Dog Outreach program cares for over 70 dogs across 9 different temples.

To learn more about how to help Patti and other dogs like this, check out the Hand To Paw Facebook page.

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Artist wraps shelter dogs in a cape of whimsy
To shine a light on shelter dogs around the world, Photoshop whiz Sarolta Bán transforms run-of-the-mill shelter photos into whimsical digital masterpieces.