Heading out of town for vacation this summer? If your pet poodle isn't coming along for the trip, you will need to make arrangements to ensure that she is cared for while you are away. If you're lucky, you may know of a trustworthy friend or neighbor who can take over the task. If not, another good option is to board your pet in a kennel. Provided it's a good facility, boarding your pet at a kennel can give you peace of mind in knowing that your pet is being supervised around the clock — and may have the opportunity to play with other animals during its stay.

If you've never boarded your pet before, you will need to do some research to find the right place for your pet. Visit the site (without your pet) to talk to the staff about rules, fees, required vaccinations, and what makes a typical day at the facility (when pets are fed, how much time will they have to exercise.) You can also take the opportunity to make sure the place is clean and that the staff are friendly with the pets at the site. You can find more tips for finding a kennel in this post: How do I find a place to board my pet?

Now that you've found a kennel, you need to prepare your pet for his "vacation." The American Boarding Kennels Association recommends a trial run, or a short overnight stay at the kennel prior to an extended boarding stay to help your pet get used to the staff and facility.

More good tips for preparing your pet to board:

  • If your pet has special food, medication, or vitamins be sure to bring them along. And if you have special instructions for her stay be sure to write those down and bring them as well.
  • Bring along your pet's favorite toy or if possible his pet bedding. Familiar scents and objects may comfort any anxiety he feels in your absence.
  • Make sure the kennel has all of the emergency numbers they will need to get in touch with you during your trip as well as a local emergency contact in case they simply can't track you down.

Now relax and have a wonderful vacation!

Before you board: Preparing your pet for the kennel
How to find the right kennel and prepare your pet for a fun and safe stay away from home.