Professor Booboo

All photos: Megan van der Elst

Meet Booboo the guinea pig, the pride and joy of 23-year-old Dutch photographer Megan van der Elst.

The 2-year-old blondie is so relaxed and cooperative that she makes the perfect model for van der Elst, who demonstrates her passion for the cavy species with her trusty Canon 500D.

"What I love the most in pictures is the out of focus elements, in other words bokeh," van der Elst writes on her website. "The Canon 50mm F/1.4 is by far my favorite lens, because that lens has it all when it comes to bokeh."

For more charming photos of Booboo (and her friends Titi and Teddy!), continue below or check out van der Elst's Instagram and DeviantArt!

Booboo and friends: Sharing is caring

Titi, a former roommate of Booboo's, nibbles on a carrot slice.

Booboo and friends: Flower girl

Booboo takes her flower girl responsibilities very seriously.

Booboo and friends: Squeak squeak
This itty-bitty cavy, named Teddy, is currently Booboo's roommate.
Booboo and friends: Take a picture

Booboo explores the great outdoors.

Booboo and friends: Relax take it easy

Nothing quite like a bundled-up guinea pig!

Booboo and friends: Little piece of my heart

Booboo, you've stolen my heart.

Booboo and friends: Bootub

It's bathtime for Booboo!

Booboo and friends: Mrs Smart Pants

Titi stops to smell the flowers.

Booboo and friends: Heart of glass

Teddy models the latest eyeglass fashions.

Booboo and friends: Boobook

Who knew Booboo was so well-read?

Booboo and friends: Guinea pig in nature

Booboo's hobbies include frolicking through the grass.

Booboo and friends: Do not disturb

Do not disturb!

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