Budweiser took the unusual opportunity during a Super Bowl ad for Bud Light beer to not only promote its brand but also to raise awareness for the plight of shelter dogs. 


The beermaker created an amusing one-minute spot featuring a rescue dog named "Weego" who races off to get beers for anyone who says "Here, Weego." At the end of the montage of hijinks, Weego is seen pushing a cooler of beer that has the words "help rescue dogs" and a link to Bud Light's Facebook page. 


Jump there and you'll find a campaign by Bud Light where the company will donate $1 (up to $250,000) to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation for every new "Like" their Facebook page receives. 


“Weego’s shelter and owner played a critical role in his story,” Bud’s Facebook page reads. “In celebration of his humble beginnings, Bud Light is joining forces with Weego to make a donation to help these animals in need and those that make animal rescue possible.”


So far, the page appears to have received more than 40,000 new likes — and more than 2,500 comments from people enthusiastic about the idea. 


"I loved this commercial last night," wrote one. "Bless you Budweiser for bringing attention to how great a rescue dog can be! Good job! McDonalds could learn a thing or two from you."


"Now the most popular dog name is not Buddy or Max, but Weego!," wrote another fan. "Thanks Bud Light for making a difference for rescue dogs!!! I guess I am going to have to go the shelter to get another rescue dog and name him Weego. Love it!!!"


You can check out the ad below. To help make a difference for shelter dogs, jump here to "Like" the Bud Light page



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Bud Light Super Bowl ad plugs rescue dogs
Website featured in commercial leads to campaign to raise $250,000 for the Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation.