Just when I thought I had seen it all, look what the cat decided to drag in …

Spotted over at Ecofriend is Yuan Gu’ s Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier concept that’s one part roly-poly cat toy, one part household humidifier. This wild feline Honeywell mash-up can operate in “standard" mode when plugged into an external electrical source. And then there’s the “hybrid” mode powered by none other than Princess Fluffball. Basically, the humidifier features a built-in battery that can be recharged via rolling motion. Sprinkle some catnip around the device and let your cat go to town ... I bet you’d have a fully charged battery in 60 minutes.
Again, the Woll Ball Hybrid Humidifier is a design concept so don’t go out searching for it at your local Sears. I must admit that while I’m sure this concept isn’t without flaws, I'm keen on the idea of a kitty charging the batteries for my household devices.  
Via [Ecofriend]

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