When it comes to dog photography, it's more likely that your pet is the one posing for the camera. But what if the dog were calling the shots? What kinds of moments would a dog want to capture?

The folks at Nikon-Asia decided get answers to these questions while testing new "Heartography" technology. Heartography is designed to connect emotions with photography. By attaching a camera to a heart rate monitor, it captures a shot whenever the photographer's heart rate increases, either due to excitement or fear. The company calls it "photography in its purest" and claims it's a means to "literally connect emotions to every photo."

To test out the technology, Nikon-Asia enlisted the help of Grizzler, the world's first dog photographer, or "phodographer." The team attached a heart rate monitor on a collar around Grizzler's neck and a camera to his chest harness. The two systems connected via Bluetooth to snap a shot whenever Grizzler's heart rate increased.

Ever wondered what gets your dog excited? Here's what captured Grizzler's attention:

Heartography: Grizzler's photo of a cat

Heartography: Grizzler's photo of pigeons

Heartography: Grizzler's photo of turtle

Heartography: Grizzler's photo of person's feet

Grizzler's photo of broken eggs in carton

Grizzler's photo of neighbor dog

Grizzler's photo of crabs in a tank

No word yet on when or if Nikon's Heartography technology will be available to the rest of us, but you can find out more about it at the project's website

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