A 14-year-old boy says that he owes his life to a friendly yellow labrador retriever named Max — a dog he had met only a few hours before getting lost in the mountains of Mexico who came to the boy's aid and stayed by his side until rescuers arrived.

Teenager Juan Heriberto Treviño was attending a summer camp Mexico's Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range when he got separated from his group on a hike. Things went from bad to worse when Treviño attempted to find wood to make a fire. That's when he slipped and fell down into a ravine.

Treviño was now lost, injured and disoriented. But he was not alone. It turns out Max the dog had followed him when he wandered off. And now the dog was climbing down into the ravine to stay by the boy's side.

Max stayed with Treviño through the frigid mountain night, and the pair found shelter under a tree.

"I grabbed [Max] and put him on my legs to not be so cold and hugged the dog," Treviño told Noticieros Televisa.

Max stayed with Treviño all through the next day as the teen attempted to find his way back to camp. The pup even led Treviño to a puddle so he could get some water.

Thanks to Max, Treviño was able to survive the 44 hours it took rescuers to find him. When they did, both boy and pup were airlifted to safety.

The teen was dehydrated and malnourished when the rescuers found him, but he recovered quickly with medical attention. Treviño's family was so grateful to Max for keeping the teen alive that they requested to adopt him. But it turns out Max already has a family in the area. That's a good thing, because you never know when another lost hiker might need this hero dog's help.

Dog helps lost teen stay alive
Max, a yellow lab, kept the lost boy warm and helped him find water until help could arrive.