A persistent pooch named Sissy showed that love has no boundaries when she escaped from her backyard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and wandered many blocks to find her owner, who was recovering from cancer-related surgery in the hospital.

Nancy Franck had been in the hospital for a week recovering from surgery to treat her uterine cancer. That Saturday seemed like any other other the hospital, but instead it was a day Franck got the surprise of her life.

Early that morning, Nancy's husband, Dale, had let their two miniature schnauzers — Sissy and Barney — out to do their business. But Sissy never returned. Dale was worried sick, but Sissy was on a mission. The dog walked almost 20 blocks to nearby Mercy Medical Center and proceeded to enter the hospital doors and make her way through the hospital lobby. That's where a hospital security officer found here and got Dale's name and number from Sissy's tag.

Dale was relieved to find the missing dog but shocked and curious how she could have found her way to the hospital.

"The only thing I could think of was that Sissy used to ride with me to pick up my wife from work next door to the hospital," Dale told Yahoo News. "But we've never walked that route before."

Hospital security cameras capture the moment Sissy walked right in through the front doors and headed toward the lobby to find her mom.

Sissy the dog walks into a hospital to find her owner

And don't worry, Sissy's story has a happy ending. When Dale and Nancy's daughter, Sarah Wood, arrived at the hospital to pick up her parents' dog, she was granted permission to bring Sissy up to see her mom.

Nancy told reporters that it gave her a big boost just to see and talk to her sweet dog. 

Now that's love.

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Dog walks 20 blocks to find owner in hospital
Sissy the miniature schnauzer was on a mission to find her mom, who was recovering from cancer surgery in the hospital.