Have you ever talked to your dog and sworn that she understod what you were saying?

Don't worry, you're not crazy.  New research shows that while dogs can't really speak 'human,' they do process the emotions and vocalizations of humans very much like we do.  

For the study, researchers analyzed both humans and dogs for six-minute intervals while listening to over 200 dog and human sounds.  These ran the gamut from a crying baby to a playful dog barking.

The resulting study, published in Current Biology today, found that dog brains have voice-sensitive regions in very similar neurological regions as humans.  The findings suggest that while dogs may not understand every word you are saying, they do understand the gist of it just by the listening to the sounds you make and how you make them.  

So go ahead, talk to your pup.  She more than likely knows just what you're saying.

Check out more in this news clip:

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