Drew Barrymore may have recently given up being a vegetarian for her fiancé, Arie Kopelman, but her love for shelter animals is still strong. 


The 36-year-old reportedly has adopted a shelter dog named Biscuit from the Los Angeles rescue store "Bark 'N Bitches." Barrymore and Kopelman apparently took a liking to one of the pups being fostered by "Twilight" star Nikki Reed. According to Contact Music, Reed and her husband, former "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald, took in a litter earlier this month after the animals were dumped at a shelter in Los Angeles.


"I know they were interested in the little boy puppy all along, but they wanted to come in and get a sense of the dog's personality and make sure it would get along with their other dog," said Shannon von Roemer, the owner of Bark N' Bitches.


"That is just who Drew is — she has always been an amazing advocate for shelter dogs, and I am just so proud that she chose to adopt a puppy from my store!"


Barrymore's latest film "Big Miracle" is also sure to please animal lovers. It's based on the true story of the 1988 rescue of three grey whales that got stranded off the coast of Alaska by early ice cover. In her review of the movie, MNN's Starre Vartan said the story touches on so many levels, with the human/animal relationship being especially heartwarming. 


"The whales, are the sympathetic, beating heart of this movie, which is all about human beings doing something for the reasons that people do: political gain, admiration and respect, or to burnish a legacy," she writes. "But it's also about people putting their necks out for something they believe in, for something greater than themselves, because they think it's the right thing to do. For an animal that has been tortured and hunted to extinction, one can't help but think that the 1988 incident portrayed in 'Big Miracle' is some kind of cross-species apology delivered in a language that both sides might comprehend."


You can view a trailer for the film, which will be released this weekend nationwide, below: 


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Drew Barrymore adopts a shelter dog
Actress and longtime shelter dog advocate brings home Biscuit from L.A. rescue store, Bark N’ Bitches.