What do you get when you combine Ellen DeGeneres' all-natural pet food company with a foundation started by a 12-year-old to bring healthy food to homeless animals? Why, it's the Freekibble.com Holiday Koast-to-Koast Kibble Drop, and its goal is to bring 400,000 nutritious meals to homeless dogs and cats for the holidays.

I've written about Freekibble before. It's an amazing and inspiring organization founded by Mimi Ausland (when she was 11) to help bring food to animal shelters. Earlier this year, Freekibble sponsored a Kibble Drop that brought 200,000 meals to animals from Tennessee to Utah. Now, with the help of Halo, the all-natural pet food company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres, Freekibble is at it again, this time doubling their efforts and bringing 400,000 meals to homeless animals all over the country.

On Dec. 13, two semi trucks, each carrying 20 tons of food, departed from Lebanon, Tenn. One headed east and the other west. Over the past few days, the trucks have made seven stops across the country and have plans to make another five, making food donations to more than 40 shelters and rescue centers. At each Kibble Drop stop, the trucks are handing out Freekibble.com's donation of Halo pet food and making sure that animals all over the U.S. will have food in their bellies for the holidays.

At each Kibble Drop stop, several area shelters and rescues will benefit from food donations.

Thanks to Freekibble and Halo, thousands of animal shelter pets will have a healthy meal for the holidays. Now that's sweet!

Ellen DeGeneres and Freekibble team up to deliver food to homeless pets
Ellen DeGeneres' pet food company, Halo, and Freekibble.com team up to deliver healthy holiday meals to homeless pets across the country.