Besides being known as man's best friend, dogs can also be our best workers. Humans and canines have operated in partnership for thousands of years (you protect me from bears and I will feed you and clean up your poop) and today dogs can be found sniffing out explosives at airports; helping physically disabled people go about their day; and comforting the young, old, and sick in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

While not all dogs come packed with smarts (my fiancee's family dog once ate an entire pie — tin pan and all), there are enough brainy breeds out to get the job done. Whether you're talking about police, fire, comfort or seeing-eye dogs, they all need to start their training early.

And you know what that means: puppies!

I'll cut right to the chase and get on with the cute pictures. Here are some absolutely adorable puppies that you'll ever see — and they all have futures as service dogs. Enjoy!

Cute police puppies in training

Photo: Metropolitan Police/Flickr


Police puppies in police hat

Photo: West Midlands Police/Flickr

These little guys above can't wait to get their own uniforms, which, sadly, does not include a hat.

Newly born police puppies

Photo: West Midlands Police/Flickr

Newly born police pups.

A pile of puppies

Photo: West Midlands Police/Flickr

Training to be a police dog is hard work.

Seeing eye dog in training

Photo: Slam Szapucki/Flickr

This mellow puppy is either contemplating his future as a seeing eye dog or thinking about food. Probably the food.

Tired black lab guide puppy

Photo: Elizabeth M/Flickr

Learning to be a guide dog is just as tiring as learning police work.

Cute golden service puppy

Photo: Sini Merikallio/Flickr

Who wouldn't want this golden little cutie as a helper dog?

Passed out police puppies

Photo: West Midlands Police/Flickr

The younger they are, the harder they nap.

* * *

And because we can, here are some videos of cute service puppies puppying around.

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Everyone loves a dog in uniform: 20+ adorable service puppies in training
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