If you've ever had the misfortune of trying to find a lost pet, you know that every second counts. The sooner you can get word out that your pet is lost, the sooner you can ask friends, neighbors and community members to keep their eyes peeled.

When most people lose a pet, they hang up flyers and call friends and neighbors. But depending upon where you live, this could take hours or even days. Social networking has become the new go-to tool for pet owners who want to spread the word quickly about a lost pet. Create a Facebook page with all of your pet's details — including a physical description, where he was last seen, your contact information, and any applicable reward information. Post it, tweet it, and blog and and with the click of a button, all of your friends, family, and readers will have info about your missing pet.

Another option is a new service called Pet Amber Alerts. According to the website, this group has a 75 percent success rate in finding lost animals. By quickly sending a recorded message to hundreds of neighbors and faxing local shelters, veterinarians, and pet stores, Pet Amber Alerts can get the word out fast that your pet is missing. Packages start at $50.

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Social networking and Pet Amber Alerts increase your chances of finding a lost pet.