Christmas tree for fish tankFish tank Christmas tree. Add a festive touch to your fish tank with this easy-to-make holiday decoration. No sewing or cutting necessary, just add glue (silicone aquarium sealant) and get creative adding holiday bling to your little guppy's home.

no sew dog bedNo-sew dog bed. Here's a gift idea that will pamper any pet: A no-sew holiday pet bed. It uses the same craft techniques that you would use to make a no-sew fleece blanket — just cut-and-tie, and viola — an instant throne for your favorite pooch.

sock fishCatnip sock fish. Got cats? This quick and easy craft from Martha Stewart Living is the perfect use for all of those lone socks that come out of the dryer. And it's a breeze to make, so crafters of any age can enjoy putting it together.

dog sweaterDoggie sweater sock. For the little dog on your holiday gift list, here's an adorable sweater — made from a sock. This is another great craft that uses up those single socks and it looks super easy to make. Now I just need to find an itty-bitty dog to give this to.

bird toyBird swing. Here's a ridiculously cute idea for your domesticated feathered friends from Martha Stewart Living. All you need are beads, buttons and maybe even a bell to string up on a shoelace to make this toy that will entertain your little birdie for hours.

fleece rope toyFleece rope toy. If you've got a dog that loves to tug, he will love this sturdy rope toy from HGTV. It's made from fleece so it's more comfortable to hold than a lot of the store-bought brands, but will still hold up to your doggie's rough-and-tumble tugging.

cat playhouseCardboard cat playhouse. You know all of those boxes that pile up around this time of year? Transform one of them into this amazing kitty-cat playhouse from Martha Stewart Living and your little meower will be ever so grateful. Just make sure to use the sturdiest boxes that you can so that it lasts longer than 10 minutes!

dog treatHomemade pet treats. Toys and sweaters are nice, but what most pets really want for Christmas is a yummy treat. A quick search on Google will bring up lots of great recipes to try like these homemade dog biscuits or these chewy treats for cats. If your pet is on a special diet, be sure to ask your vet which treat would be best.

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Homemade holiday gifts for pets
Treat your favorite furry, feathered, or fishy friends to one of those easy-to-make gifts this holiday season.