Typically, pets like cats, ferrets, and bunnies do a pretty good job of keeping themselves clean. Dogs, on the other hand, usually need a little helping hand from their human friends in the grooming department. It is important to keep your dog clean and regularly groomed so that you can check for burrs, ticks, fleas, parasites or any matting. And in a house with kids, it's a good idea to keep pets clean to reduce your kids' exposure to toxins that enter the home on pet paws and fur.

Many conventional pet shampoos contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals that are just as dangerous to humans as they are to your pets. After a bath, these chemicals wash off your pet and make their way one kids' hands and into the environment. Skip the chemical cocktail and whip up a batch of homemade pet shampoo that will save you a bundle and minimize everyone's exposure to chemicals. Here's how:
Homemade pet shampoo


  • 2 cups non-toxic dishwashing liquid
  • 2 cups water
  • 2cups apple cider vinegar
  • 4 ounces glycerin
Combine all ingredients in an airtight container (an old dishwashing or shampoo bottle will be perfect). Make sure the container is clearly labeled and stored out of reach of children. Shake well before using.

Photo by adria.richards

Homemade pet shampoo
Skip the chemical cocktail. Get doggie green and clean with this DIY pet shampoo.