I have four pets — two cats and two dogs. None of them appears to be particularly long-haired, but the pet-hair dust bunnies that blow across my living room beg to differ.

Almost all furry pets shed, and that means almost all those pet owners spend a better part of their lives trying to clean the pet hair off of their clothes and out of their homes. But the good news is that you don't have to give up your pets or live the cliched life of the crazy cat lady in order to cut down on the pet hair in your life.

This infographic has some great tips for reducing and cleaning pet hair. My favorite? The dry squeegee. I've been using this trick to get that hard-to-pick-up pet hair off of sofas and other upholstery.

With four pets, I will probably always have pet-hair dust bunnies in some corner of my home. But with these tips, I can at least minimize the damage and have one less worry about the furry friends that share my house.

Courtesy of: Chadwicks
How to get pet hair under control
Keep the pets but ditch the mess with this handy guide.