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Not many humans have that much self-control. And to prove it wasn't a fluke ...



The mastermind of these videos, a 24-year-old Texan named Alton Bollom, writes that he trained his girlfriend's dog to perform this Jenga-style trick. Since both videos cut off a bit early, some commenters have worriedly asked if the dog got to eat the treats afterward. "Did he get the treats?!?! DID HE GET THE TREATS!?!?!?!" one commenter wrote on YouTube.


According to the Telegraph, Bollom says the dog can balance up to 36 treats at a time, but "only gets three" as a reward — probably a good idea, considering Milk-Bone recommends giving dogs only about one to five of these treats per day.


UPDATE: New video reveals 'Jenga dog' trick, trainer


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'Jenga dog' balances treat tower on snout
A well-trained golden retriever becomes a YouTube star, thanks to uncanny patience and a nose for entertainment.