After a two-year legal battle with the Broward County School Board in Florida, Stevie the service dog and the boy he looks after, Anthony, will be back in school together again. without any of the restrictions previously imposed by school officials. Anthony has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder that Stevie is specially trained to help with. The pit bull service dog can detect an oncoming seizure and will lay across Anthony's lap to help keep him upright and to keep his breathing trouble-free.

When Anthony's mother first enrolled Anthony in school, she was told that Stevie needed a series of expensive vaccines and that she would need to pay for a special handler to accompany the dog on school grounds. She acted as Stevie's handler for the first few months of school and was later helped with dog duties by a custodian, but the school district maintained that human staff could replace all the functions performed by the dog. For the past two years, Anthony has been going to school without Stevie.

Thankfully, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom didn't see things the same way as school officials, and she ruled that the school district has to allow Stevie to attend school with Anthony without any extra requirements.

Score one for the good guys (and dogs)!

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Judge says banned service dog can go back to school
The young boy and Stevie the service dog can now attend school together after a judge ordered the school to rescind its ban on the dog.