Meet Mouse. He's a cat. But not just any cat. He's a cat with a birth defect that caused his front legs to be stunted and shorter than most. But he has never once let his little legs hold him back. And his story is one that will warm you from the inside out.

Mouse started his life as a feral cat. A concerned citizen brought him and his mother to the Salt Lake City Kitten Nursery. And it didn't take long for rescue center staff to realize this teeny kitty was not like others in their care.

In many shelters, this would have been the end of the road for Mouse. A wild cat with a birth defect can be difficult to adopt, and with shelters already at full capacity, most don't have the resources to accommodate a kitten that needs special care.

But the staff at the Salt Lake City center wanted to make sure Mouse had a fighting chance. So the little kitty was placed in foster care, where he could learn how to get along with humans and other animals. And boy did Mouse ever take to that extra attention. In foster care, Mouse's loving heart and mischievous spirit grew, even if his little legs didn't. And when he met Lana and Curtis Crichton, he knew he had found his forever home.

Now Mouse has a new family, a new home and even a new name: Smalls. Check out Small's story in the video below. And don't worry if you get a little verklempt. We won't tell.

This kitty won't let a birth defect bring him down
Little legs won't keep this formerly feral kitten in Salt Lake City from getting into mischief.