As far as trespassers go, Josh Breaux might be the cutest. He's the 9-year-old boy caught on a security camera sneaking into his neighbor's garage to get hugs from her dog every day after school. Rather than get in trouble, Josh got loads of praise from dog lovers around the world. And now the youngster has a sweet new reason to smile.

Meet 2-and-a-half-month-old Drake, (pictured above.) He's Josh's new best friend and his family's new addition.

But for those who haven't heard this story, a quick recap of this heartwarming tale:

It all started a few months ago when Hollie Mallet was checking her garage security camera and got the surprise of her life. She didn't find thieves, but she did find someone trespassing on her property — and she couldn't have been happier about it. It turns out, Josh had been stopping at her house nearly every day after school to give her dog, Duchess, a hug. Sometimes he even stayed for a quick game of fetch.

At the time, Mallet didn't know who Josh was, but she wanted to tell him that he he didn't need to sneak in those hugs — he was welcome to stay and play with Duchess anytime. So Mallet posted the video to Facebook, asking her neighbors if they could identify the young boy.

The video has been viewed more than 4 million times on Facebook and shared on news outlets around the world. Among the millions of people who watched the video was Ginger Breaux, Josh's mom. Naturally, she recognized her son right away.

According to Ginger, Josh has been heartbroken since their family dog passed away from old age. He had been asking for another family pet, but Ginger didn't think the family had time to care for a new addition. But thanks to Mallet's video, fate intervened. Another neighbor had a puppy that they were no longer able to care for when their son left for college, and Josh's wish was granted.

It's safe to assume that this pup is in for a lifetime of hugs in his new home!

Little boy caught 'stealing' hugs from neighbor's dog gets a new snuggle friend
Nine-year-old Josh Breaux made the world melt when security cameras caught his daily visits with his neighbor's pup.