Lucky Diamond, a rescue pup who helped raise money for shelter animals and had lots of celebrity friends, has passed away from cancer. She was 15. 


The Maltese was recognized last year by the Guinness Book of World Records as “the animal photographed with the most famous people.” Her total then was 363 and included such famous faces as Betty White, Barbara Walters, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton. 


Lucky's owner, Wendy Diamond, who was inspired by the pup to start the charity Animal Fair, thanked her canine friend for inspiring her life's mission. 


“She made me realize how lucky I am, no matter what transpired in my life,” said Diamond. “I’m beyond grateful for the outpouring of generosity and support from friends and strangers who know exactly how much Lucky meant to me.”


After Lucky was diagnosed with spleen cancer in February, Diamond immediately set up a campaign to find another dog to carry on her legacy. A "fairy-tale wedding" between the pooch and another rescue pup was to take place next month at a splashy gala benefiting the Humane Society of New York. In light of Luck's passing, Wendy has announced plans to adopt another dog and marry her off to the winning groom. 


“The groom will join Wendy’s new dog in the legacy of Lucky’s life in promoting animal rescue and welfare and now the future couple will add animal cancer to their causes,” a spokeswoman said.


According to ABC News, the black-tie event will include a seven-piece orchestra, doggie buffet and will cost $250 per ticket. 


“Lucky’s life and her legacy of saving the underdog will be celebrated and her mission continued,” Diamond said.


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Lucky 'the celebrity dog' dies
Lucky the celebrity dog dies. Rescue pooch held the Guinness world record for 'the animal photographed with the most famous people.'