Two years ago, Chris R. — aka @imso on Instagram — lost his best friend in the whole world. Her name was Everything, and she was indeed his Everything. To honor her memory, Chris put up a post on Instagram offering to mail a free tennis ball to anyone who wanted one.

In the post, Chris shares that he has 100 tennis balls to give away to anyone who asks, hoping that folks will use those balls to "spend some quality time with their best friend," and to keep the memory of Everything alive. Chris says he'll cover shipping and all other costs.

I checked in with Chris this morning, and he graciously got back to me quickly. He noted that while all 100 tennis balls in his original offer had already been accounted for, he plans to go out and buy some more so that everyone who requested one will get a ball.

He also told me a bit more about Everything. And yes, that was indeed her name. Everything was a Rottweiler boxer mix that came into Chris' life when she was just a puppy. He held her in his arms when she passed away 12 years later. That was two years ago, on Jan. 23 2014.

Chris is hoping that on that day, there will be at least 100 dogs around the country, and possibly around the world, who get some quality tennis ball time. All in honor of Everything.

Man honors dog by mailing out 100 tennis balls
He and his faithful pooch Everything can't play fetch this weekend — but you can.