All hail Olly, Lord of Sainsbury's and guardian of the produce, bakery, meat and seafood departments!

The grim-faced tabby, a regular at the supermarket in the district of Brockley, London, has reportedly been showing up on store shelves since November. Despite efforts to keep the feline out of the store, he nearly always finds a new way to saunter right back in.

The deputy manager of the supermarket, Georgios Michalaris, told Mashable that the cat lives next door but apparently prefers the store. As many shoppers have posted on Twitter, he's particularly fond of the front-door heaters.

And the top shelves — to both judge shoppers' purchases and evade employees.

He's particularly effective at making shoppers think twice about eating junk food.

And ignoring the caution signs.

While Olly's rule has only just begun, shoppers shouldn't be surprised if they run into another cat vying for the throne. According to his owner, Olly has a brother.

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Meet the cat that lords over a British grocery
Despite being banned, Olly the tabby keeps returning — and judging all who pass.