Meet Honey Bee

Photos courtesy of Sabrina Ursin

Dogs are often considered the go-to candidates for animal hiking companions, but there are plenty of trailblazing kitties out there, too!

One such feline is Honey Bee, an adventurous kitty that not only boasts a penchant for hiking, but is also completely blind.

Honey Bee on an autumn walk

She currently resides in Seattle, but Honey Bee was born in the island country of Fiji. Her owner, Sabrina Ursin, met and fell in love with her while volunteering at a small low-cost clinic and rescue shelter called Animals Fiji.

Honey Bee roamed around outside all the time when she lived in Fiji, but since that wasn't really an option in the big city of Seattle, Sabrina and her husband Jonathan began to leash train her so she could experience the great outdoors again.

After starting out small with short walks around the neighborhood and city parks, the curious cat soon graduated to more challenging terrain and is now tackling mountains!

Honey Bee resting on a river bank

Because she can't see, one of Honey Bee's favorite aspects of hiking is being able to experience all the interesting sounds and smells around her. She especially loves listening to the sound of water, and since she's great at sensing the edges around her, she's able to get quite close to the water without falling in.

Honey Bee inspecting the water

All of this extra sensory exploration means that Honey Bee's hiking trips can take a bit of time, but it's well worth it for her humans, who want nothing more than to enrich the life of this one-of-a-kind kitty.

Honey Bee resting during hike

When Honey Bee gets tired, she often hitches a ride on one of her human's backs or cuddles up in a special kitty sling.

Honey Bee at a pet friendly outpost

Check out the video below to see Honey Bee and her humans hiking the Ira Spring Memorial Trail to Mason Lake, in the mountains outside of Seattle. This nearly 7-mile round trip is the longest and most ambitious hike Honey Bee has taken so far!

Honey Bee has gained a following on the Internet, and you can purchase merchandise inspired by her (like the shirt in the photo below).

Honey Bee shirt

Continue below for more photos of this remarkable feline!

Honey Bee on a leash

Honey Bee and pumpkins

Honey Bee and ducks

Honey Bee

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Meet Honey Bee, the blind rescue cat that loves to hike
Dogs aren't the only pets that like to hike. Meet this amazing, trailblazing kitty!