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Lil' Bunny Sue Roux may only have two legs, but clearly that's all a cat needs to take over the Internet and gain hundreds of thousands of online followers!

While she may be on top of the world right now, that wasn't always the case. Roux was born without her front legs, which is why her previous owner surrendered her to a shelter when she was just a wee kitten.

Luckily for Roux, the staff at the shelter knew there was something special about her, so they got in contact with a local animal rescue group to see if there was anyone out there who could foster or adopt her. The rescue group ended up passing Roux's information and photo to the Maple Small Animal Clinic in New Orleans, where Jackie Akey works as a laboratory technician.

Upon seeing her image in the email, Akey experienced what can only be called love at first sight. After all, who wouldn't fall in love with a creature that appears to be a cross between a bunny, kangaroo and a Tyrannosaurus rex?!

Soon enough, Akey and her husband Curtis were introducing Roux to her new forever home, which also includes a bunny named Panda (seen below).


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While two-legged life might seem challenging for an animal that usually relies on four limbs, according to her devoted humans, Roux has adapted well to her congenital disability and has no trouble living life to the fullest.

"She's got pretty much full mobility of her back legs, and that's where a lot of cats generate a lot of their power from," Curtis explains in a recent television appearance. "So she's hops around like a bunny, which is where the 'bunny' part of her name comes in."

Check out her expert hopping action in the video below:


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While Roux has taken her new Internet celebrity status in stride, her humans couldn't be prouder. "The things that she does," Curtis begins, "it amazes us on a daily basis."

Continue below to see more photos and videos of this charming two-legged kitty, and be sure to follow all of her antics on Facebook!


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Meet Lil' Bunny Sue Roux, the feline Tyrannosaurus rex!
This kitty may only have two legs, but clearly that's all she needs to take over the Internet!