There is just something about Olive that makes her a little different from the other members of her family. She's furry, feisty and four-legged, but unlike her canine brothers and sister, Olive is a pig. A pig who thinks she's a dog.

Eight-month-old Olive joined her family as a piglet last fall. Since that time she has grown up with Tilly the British bulldog, Alfie the Boston terrier and Lola the French bulldog. At the head of the pack are Alissa and Nick Childs of Sydney, Australia, who are documenting every sweet and playful moment of their pack of misfits on Instagram.

In an interview with Mashable Australia, Alissa described Olive as just one of the dogs. "She spends every hour of the day with them, plays with them like a dog, she naps with them. If the dogs run at the gate to bark at something in the street, she races with them."

Olive will even bark at the other dogs if somebody tries to steal her dinner.

Alissa and Nick have a number of foster farm animals β€” including goats and chickens β€” on their property, so they were a bit surprised to see Olive bond so closely with the dogs. In a post on Instagram, Alissa confessed that she and Nick were very worried about how Olive would fare with Lola, as their French bulldog has not taken kindly to any of the other farm animals on the property.

But within a few days, Olive started treating the cantankerous Lola as her mother, and the bully bulldog responded in kind. Alissa says Olive follows Lola consistently and cuddles up against her, and Lola enjoys it, even spending hours grooming her "puppy."

You can follow the adventures of Olive and her doggy BFFs on Instagram at abbylovephotography. And check out our favorites below:

Meet the pig who thinks she's a dog
Eight-month-old Olive the pig naps, cuddles, walks and even barks like her doggy BFFs in Sydney, Australia.