What's got you stressed out? Kids? Work? Ailing relatives?

Whatever it is, stress is something that plagues us all. And it's how we cope that determines how stress will affect our lives and our health. For some, routine exposure to stress can lead to everything from digestive symptoms to headaches to depression. 

So how can you cope with stress? According to the National Institutes for Mental Health, the best ways to deal with stress are to maintain a healthy diet, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and reach out to friends and family for support. And you know what else works well to defuse stress? Kittens.

Yes, you heard that right. And for those of you who are cat lovers, I'm sure it comes as no surprise. But it's still a kick to watch this video of stressed out folks finding their Zen in a tank full of kittens. Because who could feel stress when they are playing with a herd of kittens? No one.

Sure, it's all a shameless plug for kitty litter. But it's also spot on. One study found that when people have to deal with a stressful event, they feel less stress when their pets are with them than when they are with their spouses, family members or friends. And in 2013, the American Heart Association even released an official scientific statement detailing the many health benefits of pet ownership, namely – you guessed it – a diminished physical reaction to stress.

It's called, "Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress." Check it out. 

Need stress relief? Find a kitten, or just watch this
See these stressed out folks find their calm in a tank full of kittens.