Want to help send funds to your favorite local animal shelter?  It may be as easy as a walk in the park.

A new app, called ResQWalk, lets you raise money for animal rescue centers - just by taking a walk.  

Here's how it works:

Just install the app on your smartphone, turn it on, and start raising those much needed dollars.  Seriously, it's that simple.  Whether you take an after dinner walk with the family, a walk in the morning with your dog, or a power walk at lunch - as long as you have ResQWalk running, it will tally up the miles (even 0.1 mile counts) and help you raise those funds.  

At the end of every month, ResQWalk divvies up that month's sponsorship dollars by the amount of miles logged for each organization.  You can choose to send the money to general animal rescue operations in your area, or to a specific animal center listed on their site.  

So go ahead -- get ready to go for a walk.  You know you should be doing it for your own health.  And now you have one more good reason to lace up.  

See ya on the sidewalk!

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