Are you ready for a super-sized serving of sweetness?

Take a look at Darren and Phillip, two English Staffordshire bull terriers or pit bulls from Brisbane, Australia, that have set a new standard when it comes to cuteness. They don't just snuggle while they sleep; they snuggle in cuddly pajamas.

Like this:

The BlueboysWith pajama parties like this, it's easy to see why Darren and Phillip have become so popular, with more than 43,000 followers on Instagram. (Photo: the_blueboys/Instagram)

The BlueboysDarren and Phillip are known as "The Blueboys" to their human companions Jennifer McLean and Lachlan Hall. (Photo: the_blueboys/Instagram)

The BlueboysJennifer McLean says that as soon as she puts pj's on her boys, they immediately want to snuggle. (Photo: the_blueboys/Instagram)

The BlueboysThe boys usually wear onesies from the baby department, but they occasionally sport other cuddly outfits. (Photo: the_blueboys/Instagram)

Darren and Phillip love their onesies, but they will be sporting more formal attire next year. They will be dolled up in tuxes to attend McLean and Hall's wedding. "They are my 'something blue,'" McLean told the Huffington Post.

Nobody (slumber) parties like a pit bull
Darren and Phillip's success comes down to good looks and champion cuddling skills.