With the advent of the iPad, YouTube has sprouted an entirely new genre of home videos — pets interfacing with technology. And while many humans have formed strong opinions about the would-be everything-killer, the iPad remains a total mystery to the pet community.

Here are three of my fav iPad versus Pet videos currently circulating around the Net. The most well-known features Chloe, a very clever Corgy who after a brief inspection determines that she does not want the iPad anywhere near her territory.

The feline set seem to take more kindly to the iPad, though the device continues to illicit confusion. Here are two totally cute depictions of some smart animals trying to make sense of their owner's latest gadget. This cat really can't figure out why her paws aren't wet.

And another cat, named Iggy, has become a YouTube celebrity after 4 million+ views, by beginning to develop his musical abilities thanks to Apple:

Maybe there is a client base for the iPad after all!

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