Is your dog the funniest character in your life? Do you see other dogs on television and think "my [insert adorable name here] could act the fur off that amateur!" Excellent, because the IFC network and the producers of the hit comedy series "Portlandia" just might give your pup the big break he's been waiting for. 

For a shot at Hollywood, all you have to do is upload a picture via Instagram or a Vine six-second video of your pooch. Winners and their dogs will receive round-trip airfare to the set of "Portlandia," four-days/three-nights lodging, and a walk-on role for a Season 4 sketch. Check out the full details below. 

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'Portlandia' wants unique dogs for upcoming season
Your canine pal has an opportunity to score a walk-on role during Season 4 of the popular comedy series.