What could be cuter than two photogenic rescue dogs? How about two photogenic rescue dogs with their fuzzy foster ducklings?

Pikelet and Patty Cakes are rescue dogs from Sydney, Australia whose humans are big supporters of the Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. The family recently agreed to foster two baby ducklings for the rescue center. As soon as the boys met the baby ducks, it was love at first sight.

In fact, the dogs took such a liking to their fosters that the family decided to make the addition permanent. The ducklings, Penguin and Popinjay, are now proud members of the family.

Because the ducklings are so little, they require a lot of care and attention — and Pikelet and Patty Cakes seem to be more than willing to do their part in making sure the babies are safe.

Looks like Pikelet, Patty Cakes, Penguin and Popinjay have many years of cuteness ahead of them. You can follow their story by following their humans at Life Pikelet on Facebook and Instagram.

Rescue pups adopt baby ducklings, and the photos are the best thing you'll see all day
When Pikelet and Patty Cakes met the fuzzy ducklings, it was love at first sight.