Raising the Ruf: Magician

Photos by Sara Rehnmark

We've already seen sleeping babies embarking on naptime adventures, so it was only a matter of time before dreaming dogs made it onto the scene.

For Sara Rehnmark, an actress and doggy blogger based in Santa Monica, California, her 3-year-old Pharaoh hound, Rufus ("Ruf" for short), is the perfect model for all the quirky situations she cooks up.

Rufus and Sara

Pharaoh hounds are one of the world's oldest dog breeds — they've barely changed since they were first domesticated for hunting purposes more than 5,000 years ago.

As sleekly built sight hounds, they are distinguished for their physical prowess (they can run 30 mph and jump a 6-foot fence) and their impressive mental acuity.

Rufus smilingIn the case of Ruf, he is capable of all the typical dog commands (sit, stay, etc), but he also has some more eccentric tricks, such as putting on his own cone collar and smiling on command (at right).

Ever since Rehnmark began dressing up Rufus during his naptimes, the pup has racked up quite an occupational history: magician, Sherlock Holmes-esque detective, handyman and domestic cleaner, among others. In the image below, he branches out to the fantastical, too.

Raising the Ruf: Witch

Continue below for more comical photos, or check out Rehnmark's website, Raising the Ruf, where she blogs about their adventures.

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