Need a good, heart-warming story to finish off your day? Look no further than the beautiful story of Scout, the stray dog who made her way from the streets of Los Angeles into the home of "Sons of Anarchy" Producer Mike Daniels.

In the video, we see Eldad Hagar, Hope For Paws founder, and his friend Lisa Arturo as they come across a sweet yet extremely skittish stray. You might remember Hagar from the video he posted last year of Fiona, the blind dog he rescued from a trash can. In that video, we watched as Fiona was transformed from a ragged, blind stray into a happy, healthy pup. Hope for Paws was even able to help secure medical care that partially restored her vision.

Hagar and Hope for Paws worked a similar miracle with Scout. Not only do they get her off the streets, but they find her a "forever home" with Mike Daniels, a writer and producer for the television series "Sons of Anarchy," who recently lost his dog and best friend of 11 years and was looking for a companion for his other dog, Sully. As you can see in the video, it's a perfect fit.

Have a look:

Stray dog finds home with 'Sons of Anarchy' Producer Mike Daniels
Watch as Scout transforms from a shy, skittish stray to a playful pup in her new forever home.