Jimmy Choo singing


The internet is falling in love with a charismatic bull terrier named Jimmy Choo (yes, after the shoe brand) thanks to an ongoing series of comical canine portraits dreamed up and illustrated by his devoted human Rafael Mantesso.

Rafael MantessoAfter his ex-wife moved out after a divorce, the Brazilian artist was left with a near-empty home. Luckily, he still had Jimmy Choo to keep him company!

The stark white walls of the bare apartment turned out to be the perfect blank slate for photoshoots. Using a simple "stay" command, Mantesso inserts his beloved pup into his imaginative doodles. He posts the resulting images on his Instagram, where he has gained tens of thousands of followers.

Although Mantesso has a job in advertising, the viral success of Jimmy Choo's portraits has actually led to some requests for paid illustration work. It's amazing what a faithful, four-legged companion can do for your career!







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