When Friday rolls around, we can't wait to sprint into the weekend — and if we could do so with the wild abandon of these dogs, we would! There is nothing quite so giggle-inducing as seeing a dog freeze-framed mid-run with a wonderfully goofy look on its face. Dogs have a knack for bringing the silly to daily life, even when they're trying to be serious. (Not that cats don't do their best to make us crack up too.) So, let these dogs give you a smile as we bound toward Saturday, full-speed ahead.

basset hound running Photo: Ksenia Raykova/Shutterstock

puppies running Photo: Orientgold/Shutterstock

puppy running Photo: otsphoto/Shutterstock

furry dog running =Photo: Nagel Photography/Shutterstock

yorkie running =Photo: Stephen Mcsweeny/Shutterstock

puppy running Photo: otsphoto/Shutterstock

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These dogs are happy it's Friday!
These happy dogs will get you ready for the weekend.