Life for a shelter dog can get pretty boring. Wake up, wait for your forever person to arrive, try not to get too disappointed when they don't, go to sleep ... do it all again in the morning.

But one shelter in Washington state is trying to shake things up with weekly outings that not only cheer up the dogs tremendously, it may even help to get them adopted.

The Puppuccino Pals Project began in April at the Kipsang Humane Society, and it's spearheaded by volunteer Molly Clark. Each week, Clark takes one lucky dog on an outing to Starbucks for a Puppuccino, a small cup of whipped cream that the coffee shop offers especially for dogs.

For the dogs, it's not only a fun field trip, it's also a chance to break out of the day-to-day routine. Clark snaps pics of the dogs during their adventure and posts them on Instagram to boost their chances for adoption. Because who could resist the face of a dog with a snout full of whipped cream?

Volunteer Rebekah Johnson told Bored Panda that the dogs Clark selects each week absolutely love the experience. "Molly only select dogs who will not be stressed by the experience," said Johnson. "However, Molly will bring Puppuccinos back to the shelter to dogs who are unable to leave the shelter," she added.

Scroll down to enjoy more awesome pics of shelter dogs enjoying Puppuccinos, and be sure to check out the group's Instagram page if you'd like to help one of these cuties find their forever home for the holidays.

These photos of shelter dogs enjoying Puppuccinos will be the highlight of your day
For the Puppuccino Pals Project at the Kipsang Humane Society, Molly Clark takes one lucky dog on an outing to Starbucks for a Puppuccino and snaps a picture.