Meet Max and Ruby. No, I'm not talking about the seemingly parentless cartoon bunnies who dominated my youngest child's toddlerhood. I'm talking about the purebred standard poodle service dogs that are lighting up the Internet as much for their philanthropy as for their photogenic prowess.

Max and Ruby, who live in Tampa, Florida, with their human, spend as much as 40 hours a week visiting hospitals and nursing homes and creating pictures with the sole purpose of putting smiles on the faces of people who need them.

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When they are not performing in person, Max and Ruby can be found in pics and videos on their website and Instagram account. The fun fuzzballs can be seen cooking, cleaning, riding bikes, reading to kids at the library, and even just swinging on the swings at the park:

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According to their trainer/human (who doesn't want to take any fame away from the pooches by using his name), Max and Ruby love to perform and they are always eager to line up for a photo shoot or put on a show. But he insists that he keeps the pressure low by never taking any payment for their efforts.

From the Super Dog Max site:

"98% of the time they love taking pictures/videos and performing for children and the elderly. But even a dog has their moments and when they arise he just gives them more love and lets them do whatever they want. They are never forced to do anything. Hence the reason we do volunteer work. If Max or Ruby don’t want to be somewhere, work for someone, or perform on cue then it’s not big deal to him, his babies are number one in his life."

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Max and Ruby's trainer also prefers to use the term "canine actors" to describe his pets, rather than service dogs, because he thinks that kids and other patients attach the service dog term to the hospital setting, whereas "canine actors" are simply there to perform and help people have a better day.

And really, who wouldn't have a better day after checking out these two?! Head on over to their IG account to keep track of these two sweet pooches and find out what kind of crazy antics they will get into next!

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These therapy dogs cook, clean and play piano!
Playful pooches Max and Ruby work as many as 40 hours a week to bring joy to people who need it.