Libby and Pearl kisses

Photos: Lindsey Bonnice

For the past two months, photographer Lindsey Bonnice has been documenting the adorable adventures of her 2-year-old daughter, Libby, and the family's new 3-month-old mini-pig, Pearl. It's truly unlike any kind of child-pet bond you've ever seen.

The pair spend their days cuddling, having tea parties and, of course, frolicking around Bonnice's impeccably decorated home.

While Pearl is a tiny little piglet now, she is likely to weigh anywhere between 40 to 100 pounds at full maturity. That's right! These adorable so-called "micro-pigs" don't stay teacup-sized forever, so keep that in mind if you're toying with the idea of getting a mini-pig for your own family.

Many miniature pig breeders/retailers might try to falsely claim that the pigs they sell will not grow heavier than 20 pounds. Sadly, this results in uninformed people getting rid of these animals once they become too big for their household. That's why it's so important do your research and think hard before committing to one of these amazing creatures.

Continue below for more squee-worthy images and videos, and be sure to follow Libby and Pearl's adventures on Instagram and Bonnice's website, Live Sweet Photography.

Libby and Pearl with feathery hat
Libby and Pearl on furry carpet
Libby and Pearl smooch
Libby and Pearl on couch
Libby and Pearl on floor
Libby and Pearl cuddling
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