Whether it’s sprawling out under the stars for the night in your backyard or pitching a tent in the wilds of your favorite state park, inviting/forcing your trusty canine companion along for an adventure in the great outdoors can be a rewarding experience for both dog and master — and also a logistical nightmare when it comes to settling down for night.

Meet BarkerBag, a recently Kickstarter-funded insulated sleeping bag add-on specifically designed for dogs (prissy pooches that don’t like getting their paws dirty need not apply). The creation of Seattle-based industrial designer Andy Storms, this teardrop-shaped pocket zips right on to the exterior of standard zippered mummy bags or in between two sleeping bags for full-on wilderness slumber party scenarios.
When prototyping designs along with the assistance of his own trusty terrier, Barker, Storms kept two key elements in mind: comfort and convenience.
Not only does the BarkerBag keep dogs snug and cozy and warm through the night, the bag’s built-in cinchable collar keeps dogs secure — no more running around in circles inside of a tent or urgently scratching at the flap to get out every time that god-knows-what goes bump in the middle of the night. That being said, one of the great things about taking a pooch along on overnight excursions into the great outdoors, particularly solo ones, is that they provide an extra set of eyes, ears, and, of course, a hypersensitive nose. But this can get a protective pooch into trouble if they dart into the pitch-black woods in the middle of the night or encounter another critter (or sleeping bag) that’s mean, hungry, and five times their size. The BarkerBag keeps them safely restrained.
It's also worth pointing out that, aside from being potentially smelly, sharing a single sleeping bag with a (possibly tick-covered) dog who his wiggled his/her way the bottom to keep your feet warm can actually leave both parties colder because of compressed insulation. As a separate attachment, the BarkerBag eliminates this issue.
The BarkerBag is manufactured in Seattle and available in three sizes including a model for large-headed dogs carrying a bit of heft. And although the Kickstarter campaign/pre-sale period has officially ended with its funding goal successfully met, you can still head on over to the BarkerBag homepage to keep up with the latest news including updates on when this clever little sleeping bag extension for four-legged adventurers will officially become available. BarkerBags and other swag snagged during the Kickstarter pre-sale period will ship in July.

Via [Cool Hunting]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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