Vancouver Police K-9s strike a pose for charity

October 24, 2018, 9:16 a.m.
Vancouver Police K-9 Storm looks very cool.
Photo: Vancouver Police Foundation

Police K-9s are tough. They face peril daily as they apprehend suspects and track down dangerous items, all while keeping citizens and their handlers safe. But that doesn't mean they're not up for the occasional glamour shot.

Since 2010, the Vancouver Police Department has released an annual canine calendar for charity. The popular calendar features the furry stars of the squad, as well as their two-legged handlers. There are a few handsome head shots, some dream-like sequences (a doughnut shop, of course) and the slick squad car scene above, featuring a handsome dog named Brando sporting aviator sunglasses.

The photographers, editors, dogs and handlers all donate their time with no administrative costs, so all proceeds go directly to the British Columbia Cancer Foundation and the British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation. Since 2010, calendar sales have raised more than $200,000 Canadian dollars ($150,000 U.S.) for charity.

With 16 dogs, the Vancouver PD has one of the largest municipal K-9 squads in North America, according to the department.

"Although we have a very hard and demanding job at times, there’s still a lot of fun we have with our dogs," said Constable Brian Lequesne in a press conference about the calendar.

"We get to roll around on the grass and play with them and throw a ball. To sort of show in the pictures that although our job is very demanding and hard at times, we still get to hang with our dogs and have an amazing connection with them."

To buy a calendar, visit the Vancouver Police Foundation website.

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