It's not every cat's dream to have a face that inspires memories of Lord Voldemort from the "Harry Potter" films, but for one lucky cat in the U.K., that resemblance has made all the difference. 

Officials at the Blue Cross animal charity announced yesterday that "Charlie," aka "Voldemort Cat," had finally been adopted after a media blitz that embraced his unfortunate looks.

The abandoned stray had to have its ears and nose removed after suffering from skin cancer, most likely due to his pale skin. As a result, workers at the shelter say visitors often recoiled at Charlie's appearance, comparing him to the evil wizard featured in J.K. Rowling's popular series. 

Animal welfare assistant Marie Loveridge told the UK Daily Mail: "At first glance, people may be put off by Charlie because he does look like Voldemort, the baddie from the 'Harry Potter' films. But although some people might think he's a bit quirky-looking after having his ears and nose removed, he is a lovely, playful cat who adores attention."

I'm happy to report that yesterday, 14-year-old Charlie found a new home — but ironically, not from someone who likes "Harry Potter."

"They got on really well and we are now making the preparations for him to go home with her at the weekend," said a spokesperson. "She is not a 'Harry Potter' fan, she just heard of his plight for a nice, quiet home and she could offer him that."

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'Voldemort Cat' finds a good home
British feline with a striking resemblance to Lord Voldemort from the "Harry Potter" franchise is finally adopted.